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Problems we Solve

Close more deals and make more money

Problem: The average tenant rep broker spends over half of his/her time "processing" deals.

Solution: ProposalNet changes that by cutting deal processing time by as much as 90% - leaving you more time to sell and find new deals and make more money!

Speed up deal closing and payday

Problem: On average, it takes 6 to 12 months to get a tenant rep deal closed.

Solution: Features like one-click analysis, deal sharing and RFP templates allow ProposalNet to dramatically speed up the time it takes to get deals closed and get paid.

Provide better client service

Problem: Clients have a perception that the tenant rep process is slow and takes too long.

Solution: ProposalNet's changes significantly reduces broker turnaround and client response times - resulting in higher client satisfaction.

Lower agent desk and support costs

Problem: Desk and support costs continue to increase, degrading company profit margins.

Solution: ProposlaNet's process automation practically eliminates the need for deal processing support staff. By reducing support and time costs by up to 90%, it improves your bottom line broker and/or owner profits.

Tenant Representation Management Software

ProposalNet is a cloud based Tenant Representation Management Software system for Tenant Representation Brokers. ProposalNet automates and manages the tenant representation transaction process and stores all of the transaction data in one single online location accessible from anywhere at any time. ProposalNet automates the client needs analysis, RFP process, financial analysis, counter proposal, client reporting and data manipulation with a few clicks of the mouse.

ProposalNet is extremely simple and easy to use

Multiple deal tracking, one-click instant analysis, RFPs, proposals, and counter proposals - all in a mobile friendly cloud based platform. Work from anywhere at any time.

Track Transactions

One single web based location to view and keep track all of your current transactions

Create RFP's

Create your own RFP templates or use one of ours and quickly send the RFP to as many candidate buildings as you require.

Review & Compare Responses

Receive, review and compare the landlord proposal responses in many different view configurations and formats.

Create Counter Proposals

Create and send multiple counter proposals within minutes not hours!

Historical Proposal Tracking

At any time during the negotiation process, the landlord or tenant agent can view and see the historical negotiation data of the transaction.

Economic Analysis

With a click of a button you can then quickly send clean and professional looking economic reports to your client for their review and consideration.

Data Sharing

Share your transaction data with one or many "deal partners" on a per deal or overall basis as well as assistant access.


Avoid confusion and ensure that there is solid historical tracking of each proposal and counter proposal.

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