No - Landlord agents will receive a weblink that they simple complete and hit the send button to send the landlord response back to the tenant agent.

ProposalNet has a "manual input" feature that allows the tenant rep agent to input the proposal data directly if necessary.

There is currently no limit to the number of active or archived transactions you can manage and store in ProposalNet.

Yes, ProposalNet allows you to invite any number of team members to share your transaction data and they in turn can share theirs. ProposalNet also has a transaction admin/assistant feature that allows your assistant access to your portal with full functionality.

Yes, ProposalNet has a "log" tab that keeps a fully functional log of all of the communications on a transaction by transaction basis.

Yes, ProposalNet has an archieving feature so you can easily store all old and inactive deals for future use or reference.

In the event you decide to terminate your ProposalNet account, there are two ways you can continue to protect historical data – the first is that your may continue to access your ProposalNet account to view archived transactions but cannot add new transactions. The second way is upon request ProposalNet will send you a file of all of your transaction data.

ProposalNet is a cloud based subscription model similar to Salesforce for example. There are no up front charges you simply sign up and the monthly fee is charged to your credit card. Please refer to our pricing page for more detail on our pricing structure.

ProposalNet support is available via email and telephone Monday thru Friday from 8 to 5 CST.

ProposalNet is fairly simple and intuitive program to use. However, we recognize some training may be necessary. ProposalNet will provide 1 hour of live web based training for all new customers. In addition, ProposalNet has a comprehensive user guide and training videos.

No, all personal and specific transaction data will remain personal and confidential. However, ProposalNet may use statistical data such as number of users, transaction volume etc in the future should ProposalNet determine to add limited advertising and sponsorships to the ProposalNet site.

Like your banking site for example, ProposalNet was designed to ensure the utmost safety, security and confidentiality of your information. Each user’s data is encrypted and can only be viewed by the user or any team member designated by the user. No one else can see or view your transaction data.