Cloud Based

Because ProposalNet is a cloud based application, you are able to access all of your transaction data and actually transact deals from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

When your client calls and asks for a historical overview of the negotiations with ProposalNet you can instantly email them the report. When you are traveling and your clients asks for the proposal analysis, you can send the report immediately. Or how about the time your client asks for an economic comparison between the first and last proposal. Now with ProposalNet and a few clicks you can email the client report. Faster and better information for your clients with ProposalNet.

Track Transactions

With ProposalNet you have one single web based location to view and keep track all of your current transactions.

ProposalNet saves all of the electronic transaction communication data from any transaction in any easy to find location in the event you need or are required to produce the historical data for any reasons - for both your current transactions as well as all your past transactions.

Create RFPs & Proposals

Using our RFP creator system and either your own templates or one of our standard templates, you can quickly create an RFP, customize fields and information and in a few short minutes send the RFP to as many candidate buildings as you require. The RFP and proposal process includes the ability to create notes for any field and to include redline comments in any note fields.

The ProposalNet system sends the RFP to the designated landlords as a weblink via email. The Landlord agent receives the email, opens the weblink and responds to your RFP directly into the weblink and with the click of the send button sends the proposal back to you. Either party can add fields, enter notes, redline notes and have the same or more functionality than the current word document process.

Create Counter Proposals

ProposalNet has a unique patent pending process that allows you at any time during the transaction negotiation process to quickly view the historical proposal/counter proposal data by building or to compare current proposals amongst a group of buildings. Using this data, you quickly create counter proposal offers to send back to the desired landlord. With ProposalNet you can create and send multiple counter proposals within minutes not hours!

Historical Proposal Tracking

ProposalNet's transaction data tracking process provides both you the tenant agent and the receiving landlord agent a quick view of the historical negotiation process. This data can quickly be shared with the landlord or tenant client to involve them in the process. So at any time during the negotiation process, the landlord or tenant agent can view and see the historical negotiation data of the transaction helping to save the time spent "digging" through emails and files looking for prior proposal/counter proposal data.

Economic Analysis

ProposalNet automatically creates cash flow and present value comparisons for selected proposals and counter proposals to allow you to quickly create the required economic deal analysis. With a click of a button you can then quickly send clean and professional looking economic reports to your client for their review and consideration. No longer do you or your assistant have to dig through word document proposals to "pull out" the necessary economic data and then reinput that data into traditional analysis software. ProposalNet automates that process for you and saves tremendous time and energy. ProposalNet also allows you to export the data to excel for further analysis and customization should you desire. And it can be done from anywhere!

Deal Tracking
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